Selection of Projects RAPS, ADAS, digital maps Low latency / real time electronic-horizon provider to be used in map-based driver assistance systems. One of the first available systems worldwide and still the only one that works with all available maps. Runs on several operating systems and implements unique features like Context-Based Road-Matching, Turn- Prediction and dynamic length of the predicted path. Used by Daimler, Ford, MAN and ZF. RAPS obtained a funding of € 700,000 in 2009 by Innovationsstiftung Hamburg. Role: Principal Software Architect – Project-Manager: Multi-Platform Build-Envirionment, User- Interface, Positioning, Road-Matching, Route-Prediction, Inter-Process and Network-Communication, GPS and CAN-Bus Interface, Client-Server Protocols 48 MM: Project Management + Mentoring + Software Metrics + Windows / Linux, 32 / 64 Bit + C++ + STL + wxWidgets + GigaBASE + Intel + Atmel AVR32 + Multi-Threading + Purify/Quantify/Coverage + Subversion + Git + CAN + ADASIS V2 + NMEA 0183 + TCP/IP + UDP + MISRAC++ + Extreme Programming + Rapid-Prototyping + Digital Maps + ADAS + Navigation + Client/Server + Ultra High Performance + Templates + Exception Handling GDF-Import Fast map compiler. Two hour compilation time on a single workstation, where others need two weeks on a server farm. Role: Principal Software Architect and Developer – Project-Manager: Multi-Platform Build- Envirionment, User-Interface, Optimzed File I/O, Digital Map Format, Multi-Threaded Pipelined Backpatching Compiler-Engine, Lexical Analyzer, Parser, Plugable Code Generators 36 MM: Project Management + Windows/Linux, 32/64 Bit + C++ + STL + wxWidgets + GigaBASE + Multi-Threading + Compiler-Construction + Purify/Quantify/Coverage + Subversion + Git + Digital Maps + Optimal Algorithms + Templates + Exception Handling A68: Assembler on CP/M-68k, MS-DOS, ROM, Windows, Unix A single-pass back-patching assembler for the Motorola M68K line of microprocessors. It was used to cut the compile time of a project from several hours down to a couple of seconds. Implemented a machine- code optimizer to choose the most performant code. Minimal code size could be achieved by using an optional Multi-Pass-Mode using an incremental optimization strategy to generate both, the fastest and the smallest possible code. Role: Software Architect and Developer 15 MM: CP/M-68K + MSDOS + Linux + FreeBSD + C + Compiler-Construction CleanEx A Windows (95...XP) uninstaller/cleaner. The first cleaner that needed less than one second to remove even complex software packages instead of many minutes. Role: Software Architect and Developer 8 MM: Project Management + Mentoring + Software Metrics + Windows 32 Bit + C++ + Multi-Threading + Purify/Quantify/Coverage + Subversion + MFC + MS SDK + MS DDK + VToolsD + Kernel Programming + System Programming + Windows GUI + Templates + Exception Handling
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